CUT - Extreme Fat Loss & Thermogenics

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If you're looking to lose fat and drop some weight. Then this is the best supplement for you. Best used as a pre-workout. This supplement is free from caffeine. This is top most supplements formulated with the best proven ingredients you need to enhance fat loss. This fat burning supplement is suitable for both men and women.


  •  Fat Burning
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Thermogenesis
  •  Metabolism

Serving Size: 30 SERVINGS

  • 6g CLA
  • 3g L Carnitine
  • 15mg Yohimbine HCl


CLA improves lean mass to body fat ratio, decreasing fat deposition, and enhancing muscle growth. CLA achieves this effective reaction by enhancing insulin sensitivity so that fatty acids and glucose can pass through muscle cell membranes and away from fat tissue. This results in an improved muscle to fat ratio.

L-CARNITINE is responsible for converting fat into energy. By raising the level of muscle carnitine, fat burning process becomes more effective, and because your body becomes more efficient at processing fuel, it will increase your energy levels. Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and improve endurance by inhibiting the build-up of lactic acid, one of the primary causes of fatigue.

YOHIMBINE HCl increases fat breakdown by acting as an alpha receptor blocker. Since alpha receptors inhibit fat breakdown, and Yohimbine HCl inhibits alpha receptors, the result is that you get an increase in fat breakdown.

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